Sometimes a big wedding is not what you’ve always dreamt of. Sometimes, just the two of you standing on the beach at Sunset is a more romantic vision. Or an early morning hot air balloon ride over the city is more appealing than planning who is sitting with who. There are a lot of different reasons couples elope. From family dramas to the cost of a wedding it comes down to what you really want. If you have been together a very long time or married before maybe you just want to spend the day with your children as your witness and have it about what is really important, your love for each other and your family.

At your home, at my home, in a park, by the ocean, in the hills, you name it – we can do it. I can even organise a Registry Style ceremony with documents signed without any fuss at all. Just let me know what your day means to you and as long as the legals are done the rest is yours to decide.

Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed to book in your date. This form is the first of the legal paperwork needed and is required to be lodged with your celebrant between 18 months and 1 month of the wedding date. I am always free for a coffee and cake, or something a little more social to chat and to answer any of your questions and help you find the best way to spend your wedding day.